YHLO Spotlights in Dubai



1. YHLO at Medlab ME

From Feb. 6-9, YHLO attended 2023 Medlab Middle East in Dubai. The YHLO exhibit booth showcased our featured:

iFlash series(the Chemiluminescence Immunoassay solutions that can provide labs with better efficiency and reliability),the Vision ESR Analyzer and products of Drawray(YHLO's subsidiaries) iStar 500 (the highly-automated Mono-test Analyzer), Unicell(the Immunofluorescence Reader)presented to the public.


Medlab Middle East is the largest laboratory equipment exhibition in the Middle East. Demonstrating the latest products and the latest cutting-edge technology, it has become an international laboratory equipment and testing industry trendsetter. As one of the leading brands of CLIA from China, YHLO will insist on self-dependent innovation and continue to raise the capacity for innovation, to show the charm of Chinese brands to the world.



During the exhibition, YHLO's booth was overcrowding and our products attracted a lot of interest from attendees, attracting professionals from all over the world to discuss with YHLO's scientists and observe the details of our products. YHLO's staff and scientists patiently introduced the products and shared their experiences with our customers and received high recognition from them.



YHLO is one of the few manufacturers in the industry that can provide unique tests for autoimmunity, developed more than 40 CLIA products for autoimmune diseases such as autoimmune diabetes, antiphospholipid syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. YHLO has also achieved fruitful academic achievements in areas such as SARS-Cov-2, self-immunization, reproductive health, and diabetes. YHLO will always keep on building a benchmark brand in the IVD industry with our constantly improving service and products.




2. YHLO 2023 Distributor Meeting come to a successful conclusion

On February 4, 2023, after months of elaborately preparation and planning, the YHLO 2023 Dubai Distributor Meeting was held at the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai and came to a successful conclusion.

As the first Distributor Meeting of YHLO in the post-Covid-19 era, YHLO sent an unprecedentedly strong team of representatives led by Mr. Li Wei(Director of International Marketing Center)and Mr. Zheng Liang(YHLO’S Chief International Scientist). Once again, the team of YHLO was shown to the international customers once again, further strengthening the contact with overseas customers and pulling in the distance between them.


At the meeting, Mr. Li Wei firstly introduced the achievements of YHLO in the past year, which added new impetus to the business promotion of partners and made everyone feel confident about the overseas business promotion in the new year. In the discussion and questioning session, everyone expressed their opinions and suggestions for the overseas marketing of YHLO products, hoping to contribute their own strength on it.

During the meeting, Director Mr. Li Wei awarded trophies and prizes to our members who made outstanding contributions in the past year. Everyone expressed that they will continue to work hard in the future to expand the world map of YHLO products together and further promote YHLO to the world.


At the end of the conference, YHLO team took a group photo with all the members cordially, and Mr. Li Wei announced the successful conclusion of YHLO 2023 agents conference!

Finally, we would like to thank all the members again for coming. Thank you for your support and encouragement to YHLO, and we will ride the wave together in the future and move forward.




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