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On 7th November 2022, YHLO Egyptian scientific service center was officially established, which is the second branch of YHLO in 2022. At the ceremony, together with local colleagues and the distributor, the director of the Int'l Business Unit of YHLO Richard Li announced the official establishment of YHLO Egyptian Scientific Service Center.


YHLO Egyptian Scientific Service Center's official establishment is not only the new stage of YHLO's international strategies but also the embodiment of "customer focus". The Service Center will continue to provide more professional and timely technical support to our customers. With customer-oriented service, YHLO is determined to bring added value to our customers.

The Service Center will cover the entire African continent and part of southern Europe, providing  "zero-day" service, and meeting the needs of customers and local partners timely and accurately. 

And all this time, YHLO has not only worked with partners to develop and improve local medical conditions, but also made efforts to spread the warmth and power of Chinese brands, and show the world the responsibility of Chinese brands.

During the epidemic, together with its local partners, YHLO sent hundreds of millions of COVID-19 test kits and COVID-19 rapid tests to various regions around the world. At the same time, it has also worked with authoritative academic research institutions in Europe to conduct in-depth research on COVID-19. Up to now, more than 400 academic papers were published, and many of them have been published in academic journals with high-impact factors such as JAMA and Infection.



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