YHLO Shines at Medlab ME in Dubai with the Unveiling of iBC 900



From February 5th to 8th, 2024, YHLO is showcasing its brilliance at the Medlab ME Medical Exhibition in Dubai, unveiling its new product, the iBC 900 automatic chemical analyzer.

YHLO grandly released iBC 900 automatic chemical analyzer at the exhibition. At the unveiling ceremony, YHLO regional agent customer representatives and terminal guests were specially invited to the scene to cut the ribbon for the release of the new product.

The YHLO booth attracted a massive crowd during the exhibition, with a diverse range of products capturing the attention of professionals from various fields worldwide. Engaging discussions took place between attendees and YHLO experts, providing detailed insights into every aspect of YHLO products. 

The iBC 900 is a new addition to YHLO's product line. It supports multi-dimensional modular expansion and can be integrated with the YHLO iFlash 3000 series chemiluminescence analyzer, forming a biochemical and immune integrated machine. This combination becomes the preferred solution for medical laboratories and healthcare institutions at all levels. The iBC 900 can support up to 4 standalone units in cascade expansion and is compatible with Total Laboratory Automation (TLA) systems. Additionally, it supports on-machine hemolysis and can be used for detecting glycated hemoglobin in whole blood samples. This product is expected to provide strong support for YHLO's international market development.

At the exhibition, YHLO also showcased its iFlash series chemiluminescence devices, reagents, and complementary solutions. The exhibition of YHLO's advantageous projects in areas such as autoimmunity, reproductive health, and cardiovascular diseases,  attracted numerous customers and attendees for consultations and discussions.

With a global network of reliable partners, YHLO remains steadfast in its pursuit of the mission, "focus on healthcare, better life with technology," as we march forward into the future.


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