Officially Established, YHLO Japan R&D Center Set sail



Recently, the opening ceremony of YHLO Japan Research and Development Center was successfully held online, which indicates that YHLO has stepped further toward globalization.

The representatives and management team of YHLO Shenzhen office and YHLO Japanese office participated in the ceremony, along with representatives from YHLO’s partners in Japan, JSR (JSR Corporation), MBL (Medical & Biological Laboratories Co. Ltd.) and so forth.

YHLO Japan Co., Ltd. was officially established on March 1st, 2022, which is located in Tokyo. It is mainly committed to the research and development of various new technologies and products for in vitro diagnostics fields, and it shall become an important part of YHLO’s global strategy.

Mr Xiao Yujin and Mr Haruhisa Watanabe, in charge of YHLO Japan Co., Ltd., announced that the slogan of the team, “World-class Quality”, which is also the primary intention and goal of YHLO establishing an R&D team in Japan.

“The establishment of YHLO Japan is a milestone of YHLO’s development. It indicates that the R&D ability of YHLO has improved to another high level, and the globalization strategy of YHLO has stepped further and further.” Said Michael Hu, CEO of YHLO, “YHLO Japanese team should continuously learn from advanced science, technology and the practical spirit in Japan, thus to create a better tomorrow." In the meantime, Michael expressed deep gratitude to YHLO’s long-term partner and friend, MBL, for assisting in organizing this event.

Mr Hiroki Ito, Executive Director of MBL, looked back to the pleasant cooperation with YHLO for many years. He said, “The strong leadership of YHLO executive team and the keen insight of the entire company for the market are what he admires most. Besides, YHLO COVID-19 test products have made outstanding contributions for Japan to fight against COVID-19 in recent years, and have been recognized by the Japanese market and government. As a strategic partner of YHLO for many years, MBL will continue to cooperate firmly with YHLO.”

The founder of YHLO, Mr Hu Deming said that “The YHLO Japan R&D centre will combine the cutting-edge technology of the Japanese IVD field with the practical situation of the Chinese IVD industry, and carry out academic and scientific research exchanges between the two places at a proper time. The two sides will jointly promote cooperative development in the field of immunization and provide advanced diagnostic products worldwide.”



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