A Fruitful Dubai Trip, YHLO at Medlab ME 2020


Summary:2020 is a challenging year. It may be the hardest time, for the obvious reasons;

2020 is a challenging year. It may be the hardest time, for the obvious reasons; meanwhile, it could be the best time, because we can continue to go ahead and do the things that we dedicate for. While YHLO focus on contributing all its resources and efforts to the prevention and control of the new type pneumonia outbreak, the YHLO international team leaves on time as usual for the Dubai annual meeting and exhibition in the early February.



On February 1st, YHLO’s annual meeting was successfully held with its partners and friends. YHLO presented business strategies and plans, scientific marketing achievements and professional medical values. YHLO’s USA partner gave a talk about applications in reproductive health, and the distributor partners also shared their experiences, gains and challenges for the past year and the future. YHLO highly appreciates all partners’ effort and will keep providing professional support.



On 3-6 February, YHLO exhibited at the Z5.C40 in Medlab Middle East 2020, where the world of laboratory medicine would meet. We had met visitors from Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, CIS, USA etc., talking about YHLO’s hundreds of parameters (Reproductive Health, Autoimmune Diseases, Diabetes, Infectious Disease and others) in five technology platforms of IVD (CLIA, ELISA, LIA, POCT and ESR).  




iFlash Solution (iFlash 1800, iFlash 3000, iModules Modular System)To meet Various Medical Conditions

Thank all the partners and visitors who came and met us in this February. With unity, trust and cooperation, YHLO is confident to make real progress together.

YHLO has been taking the social responsibility to offer medical resources for epidemic areas in China and taking it as YHLO's most urgent and most important mission in 2020. Together with hospitals and medical institutions, YHLO is determined to win the battle against the disease, which is closely related to people's health and happiness.


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