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YHLO Launches AMH Dedicated to UNION

YHLO has launched fully automated AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) assay, due for release as a CE IVD assay to deliver clinical confidence in reliable assessment of ovarian reserve. As the leading company of autoimmunity solutions in China, YHLO is committed to expand our test menu to meet various medical needs of accuracy result. The AMH monotest test is launched in August 2015.

Running on the UNION Immune Analyzer, AMH assay will combine the high precision analytical system and innovational design for monotest ready-to-use strips. Furthermore, UNION AMH assay methods offer clear analytical and clinical performance advantages compared to the best commercially available assays.

Moreover, UNION AMH assay firstly addresses the common challenges that every commercially assay has been meeting regarding the reliability of AMH testing due to interferences and lab-to-lab variability presumably due to sample handling. Besides, the increased sensitivity and accuracy throughout the wide-physiological range of AMH makes YHLO’s AMH assay useful for broader applications in gynecological assessment of patients.

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